Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Two nation theory, is it permanent or temporary?

In response to some disinformation campaign
History should not be distorted to suit selfish ends...
Mr. Jinnah was never ever a selfish person. When he spoke of Pakistan he was referring to the best deal for the Muslims of India indeed. It was not to benefit a few and certainly not for a few tribes and feudals to rule and enjoy themselves. Pakistan was never made for a few tribes.

The Two Nation Theory was a permanent one. On a temporary theory you do not make such a monumental decision that affects the lives of Muslims in every nook and corner of the country - The Undivided India. He used to cry over the moth eaten Pakistan (Stanley Wolpert in Jinnah of Pakistan). He knew very well that this did not solve the problems of Muslims. He never differentiated between this Muslim and that.

When these landlords took over, they truncated the two nation theory and said Muslims cannot enter Pakistan after 1951. Was The Two Nation theory time bound? If so, it is the selfish act of a few. Mr. Jinnah was never selfish. So this cannot be true. Indira Gandhi was 20 years too late in saying "now we have thrown the two nation theory into the sea". The feudals in Pakistan did that in 1951.

A great ideological issue, not a petty land issue please...
Those in power made this great ideological issue into a petty land issue. Only two countries have been created on the basis of religion. First was Pakistan followed by Israel. While every Jew can migrate to Israel any day regardless of time, a Muslim in India cannot do the same and go to Pakistan.

However the culprits were those who had no feelings what so ever for their comrades in the same struggle. They would talk disparagingly about them and would gloat about themselves. Their typical statement will be "we are well off". That we should have been who is questioning that? Muslims in India are surely happy for us.

One wonders how you cannot feel more for our bretheren Muslims left in India. They are in an enemy land where the Government makes policies to deprive them of every thing. It is not their fault. Take a lesson from how India helped the Hindus in Fiji. They shook the world with back door diplomacy with USA, Britain, Europe and indeed the United Nations. The local that took power is now languishing in jail.

Where is our Muslimtha?
Does Pakistan have a policy that helps Muslims across the border. None. If they die they die. If they are discriminated against, so be it. We are well off what do we care? This cannot be the attitude of a good Human being leave alone of a good Muslim. Where is our Muslimtha? Their Hunduthwa works but there is no Muslimtha within us.

And then Gujarath should take place despite Pakistan is a matter of absolute shame. Not only Gujarath, about 9000 pogroms have taken place since 1947. That shows Pakistan had no policies that helped the Muslim bretheren across the border in any way. We have not moved the world. We have taken no action. What are we talking about.

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Murtaza Moiz said...

I totally agree with it, its just the illiteracy of some of the people ruling here that wobble so much