Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Condoleeza Rice should mind her own business...

Don't tell us what to do...
Condoleeza Rice has no business to advise us. We are a sovereign state and we do not like orders from any body even it is a super power and a friend. And please do not even suggest that we are going to be unfair in elections. You have no business what so ever to meddle in our domestic matters and make them worse. Please let us have our dignity and do not tell us what to do. We know what to do.

You are making blunders after blunders before and after 9/11. Did we tell you any thing. You want to solve the problem of terrorism but you do not want to address the root causes of the problem. By supporting Israel illogically you created a monster. One side you talk of democracy and the other side you do not support the will of people. You allow Israel to occupy for 40 years with all attrocities. When they want a democratic solution you use veto and have done so almost 80 times for Israel. You are compromising on US security for the sake of Israel. You are serving not US interests but that of Israel. But do we tell you any thing?

You talk of democracy but do not pressure India to stop atrocities on the people of Kashmir and let the will of the people prevail. On top of it you go and reward India in so many different ways, forgetting the way it treats its minorities and the pogroms it conducts against Muslims. You give no helping hand in solving the Kashmir problem and when we are helping you, you say "not enough". What are you doing to solve the problem of people so that people do not have to take up arms. You do nothing but do we tell you anything? No.

You left Afghanistan after they liberated Soviet Union and made no efforts to develop it. You do not help people where they are in problems and yet want help all the time. Why? But do we tell you anything? No. So why do you tell us what to do? You have no right what so ever to tell us what to do?

You go and invade Afghanistan and Iraq and are responsible for unnecessary deaths of millions of people and some your own. You go in so childishly on false pretext and destroy countries. Do we tell you what to do. We don't. So why do you tell us what to do?

If Ms Rice and her predecessors had done their job right there would have been no terrorism.


Saeed Ahmed Khan said...

Ya America should mind its own business. Rice has no business what so ever to advise us having so brutally destroyed two nations and two peoples in the pretext of terrorism. Terrorism is terrible but you are no better. Address the root causes of the problem terrorism will disappear and remove your stooges from Egypt and Saudi Arabia etc.

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