Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Media in Pakistan is doing free publicity for the Oppositon - Irresponsible journalism! Don't take sides.

Free publicity for the Opposition...
I usually see the electronic media in Pakistan. It is fantastic the way the present Government has given freedom to the media. Media never enjoyed this freedom for the past 60 years. And mind you this kind of freedom is not there in USA, Europe or even India. Media in the pretext of the freedom of the press does not promote a party against the other. It does not even take a stand against the defined Government policy in national interest.

For instance can one talk in India against the Government stand on Kashmir? Never. Can they raise the voice of some Indians who happen to be Muslims? Never. It is all suppressed with an iron hand. Take for instance Urdu TV from India - the policy is all government propaganda. Can they reflect the mass opinions? Never. One word against the government policy, they are in trouble. So many restrictions will be employed for one reason or the other.

Pakistan media has totally gone out of control. Kamran Khan for instance in Geo, look at him, the way he beams on talking to Benazir and promoting her and the same with Kashif Abbasi of ARY. Aaj's Talat Hussein is not that partisan, although as a channel it is. They start off by saying "The Government has failed in every possible way etc." They are conducting the media trials and passing judgments on the Government and The President in particular all the time. And this is without giving the accused a chance to defend themselves.

If they are critising the Government objectively it is fine. But they are taking sides. While their issue is only the president and his uniform and re-election they do not talk about the utter mis-management and rampant corruption that prevailed at the time of Benazir's and Nawaz Sharif's governance. They don't even raise the critical issues of the people. On the contrary with the help of the audience they have they are building opinion against a party. Can media take sides to this extent?

Media is building opinions with biased views and without regard to national interests and peoples' interests. Poor are completely forgotten. Media does not talk of the pressing issues of the people and poor in particular. I think it is about time media showed maturity, sensibility and responsibility and did not take sides lest you help the corrupt and proven failures each twice. The opposition is also not spending money but getting free publicity from the irresponsible media that is not serving the people in all integrity but some vested interested.

Don't take sides.


arazee343 said...

It is too good to again read your blog on Pakistan's media. You are partly correct that as one of the basic pillars of state and social structure, it should be more resposible. You are also right that it should shun all partisanship and display honesty and objectivity both in news and views. The government and media agencies are on their way to arrive at a code of conduct which they abide voluntarily like a good social citizen. as to your comments on the freedom of press in India, I wouild be sending you an op-ed article of Indian's reputed journalist Kaldip Nayyar carried as a regular feature in in Dawn.It speaks on the nature and extent of responsibility and its freedom in the context of 6-month conviction of a journalist on contempt charge on takng up issue with a retired judge on his alleged corruption and favour he bestowed in a particular case.You willfind it an interesting read. To be summary, press has been in chains in Pakistan ( A book with this title by Zamir Nizai has won presidential award to its author.
and its freedom is felt as unusual in the backdrop of its pliant status as a ploy of Pakistan's establishment. There were times in Pakistan during Ayub era when the governments NationalPress Trust enjoyed the all powerful monopoly of urdu and English press shrinking private media to almost zero. For 60 lonmg years goverrnment controlled tv and radio ruled the roast. The nation has all along in the past been the victim of a mlicious propoganda intrumental in harping praise to the rulers and castigating all its opponents to save PPakistan and Islam both in the sole ownership of the government.

Anonymous said...

The anchors in Pakistan they go over board by giving judgments which is not their job. They conduct media trials and give free hand to the opposition as if they are part of the opposition that is very sad.