Saturday, October 13, 2007

Benazir is indeed welcome but what about Asif Zardari?

Is your husband good in national interest? Ask the nation?
This is rather embarrassing for us and must be for Benazir too. I posed this question to the hard core supporters of PPP and pat came the answer "But what to do with Asif Sain?". People are worried. Genuinely worried.

They think whatever good the lady might do will be undone thoughtlessly by this gentleman. How can people forget his exploits when Benazir was in power. However much the media may trying to sweep his deeds under the carpet it haunts people without a reminder . Let me not repeat them all here.

How can this man be stopped? Is he in national interest, is a question the lady must ask. She is getting a third shot at becoming the Prime Minister of Pakistan. Can she let this opportunity also be squandered without making good history? I think she should not take this chance.

You know what the people on the street are saying? This baggage is coming along and the guy has his eyes on the $16 billion foreign exchange reserves that Pakistan presently enjoys. Whether her husband is corrupt or not and if he is a culprit is not the point. You cannot just ignore the perception this man has created for himself and thus sullied the lady's image.

Besides huge scams this man is linked to car thefts and how they have been recovered from Bilawal House. He may not have been convicted but no body can prove that he is all that innocent. His reputation as Mr. 10% and later 100% seems well earned. As Imran Khan had put it "bacha bacha jantha hai ke Asif Zardari chor hai". (Every child knows that Asif Zardari is corrupt). So his non-conviction is immaterial if Benazir wants to make it big into history. Can the lady ignore his reputation? No.

This time the nation wants Benazir to do things the world will remember her for. Not for corruption, loot, plunder, vendetta and utter lawlessness. The chances of her doing this will improve if she keeps her husband's greed and guile away from her and power.

Benazir, you already have enough money, now don't go for it this time left, right and center. Do some thing good for Pakistan so that you make history and people remember you as some one who was honest and did something good for Pakistan.

There is a lot of good you can do like introducing land ceiling to a maximum of say 60 acres, giving land to the landless, finishing off with the decadent feudalism, solving the Kashmir problem favorable to Pakistan and the people of Kashmir, education, industrialization, exports, better foreign policy etc. to placing Pakistan high up in the list of fast developing nations.

Let your agendas be worthy of the great nation you will be representing at the world forums.

Remember, you will never make it good in history with dishonesty and corruption. Allah is giving you another chance this time do good lest you be thrown out again by Providence.


Anonymous said...

Yes that is right. The media behavior is conspicuous by its silence on this subject which the public is so much worried about. Where is the responsibility in journalism. Do they know the meaning of "Freedom of the Press" and why is our active judiciary not taking any suo moto action against such irresponsible media.

Rana said...

Asif Zardari will be her undoing yet again.

Choudhry said...

The Government is doing a big mistake by not controlling the hoarding campaign of PPP. She is not the leader yet. Just another aspirant. So much of money is wasted.

Why does the income tax department check out if these expenses are from legal income or not. Why are they not asked to explain the sources of income as it happens in more civilised parts of the world.

So many people should not be allowed to converge on the airport. Let a dozen people receive her and the rest can join her in a big ground where she can address. No body can be given a free hand to disturb the peace of the city.

Anonymous said...

Although written an year back seems everything is still valid except the most unexpected has happened. The sad part is none of legislators had the conscience to question the candidacy of a guy who did not have a clean reputation. Zardari is what he is but the tragedy is, the media guns have gone silent and the politicians who the people elected proved themselves to be too timid to speak their conscience. The people of Pakistan have been let down yet again. This time by a darpoke (timid) media.

Hussain Farooqui said...

After the end of Benazir's first regime, Nawaz Shariff himself put heavy allegations of corruption over Zardari, but now he is a major part of the coalition government.

It is the faulty judicial system which has failed to award any punishment to Zardari.