Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Lets pray he goes past 400

Let's pray he goes past 400...
When he does that he would have atoned for the fieldset and bowling changes he made on day 1 and 2 that allowed The Srilankans to plunder runs and reach a formidable 644. Even disregarding the dropped catch of Misbah Ul Haq he should have ensured the opposition did not score so much however flat the pitch may be. The field set was bad as was the fielding. The bowling was less than mediocre. We missed Shoaib Akhtar dearly.

I hope he survives the first hour and Kamran Akmal gives him a stand till the end. We pray he does not get sentimental nor repeats the mistake of Imran Khan who had declared Javed Miandad at 289. My whole family is praying for Younus Khan to go past 400. May Allah grant our wish and prayers. Amen. Summa Ameen.

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