Thursday, February 19, 2009

Pakistan media responsible for the current state of affairs... tolerance to gun toting.

Irresponsible journalism has brought us to this state of affairs... Musa Khan's murder should open eyes.
My journalist fraternity may not like it but this is what it is. Sorry. When the anchors, journalists and guests ensconsed in the comfort of their studios say any thing they want to quite thoughtlessly and regardless of the effect it is having on masses, the results are obvious.

When The media was just lambasting whatever the State was doing and siding with terrorists quite unwittingly and unawares this is what happens. Starting with 9/11 the analysis in the media in Pakistan was all misleading and one way or the other condoning the accused without going into the facts but dwelling on imagination and conjecture. They would not answer a question but raise more questions only. For instance they would not tell you who did 9/11 but say "how could we do it, we didn't have the means". We? Who? Are you one with the accused?

The one you are defending does not even consider you a Muslim. We have been so much on the receiving end for so long that we now suffer from a feeling of victimisation and unable to understand the real issues indulge in conspiracy theories. Conspiracy theory is like taking crutches when one is lame. We stray so much from the real issues that we start defending the terrorists. And this trend transcends itself in our national issues too.

When it was Lal Masjid we did not totally condemn it but by asking irrelevant easy questions caste doubts in public mind and quite inadvertantly sided with the terrorists. The reporters, anchors, guests and writers did not ask what was the business of weapons and bombs in a Masjid and a Madrassah? All this adds up to public opinion for or against.

On top of it I heard from those who have a soft corner for the terrorists that the State Machinery put those weapons and publicised. And even if someone gave you as you say, why did you accept it? The sad part was media did not show responsibility and restraint. They kept on bombarding the State instead of telling the audience and build a concensus against illegal weapons and their stand. They never talked of the Government restraint for months but said they should have done this and that. The reporting was so one sided. Sad.

Army takes action, some collateral damage takes place, the media instead of highlighting the benefits of action are critical of action and in some way glorify the terrorists. Then they bring some of the so called religious parties guys who will for hours give their point of view critical of State actions without any restraint from the channel. People don't know and swallow the information as news not as a point of view of a person. The TV Channels serve as free propaganda media for terrorists.

A guy comes on TV and advocates adnauseum to bring in Sharia and every thing will be just fine. He is never moderated and the anchor does not tell him that Pakistan law is already based on Sharia and who are these bunch of guys to tell us what to do? We have a democratic constitution, let's take people's views and decide. Media never takes the lead in being positive.

Instead of demonising the terrorists they demonise the State and the army. This is what is causing the problem and I think the media is aiding and abetting the crime by silence on issues they should otherwise be beating a drum about.

Sustained such trend has lead people to believe that The State and army is always wrong and bad and these gun toting illiterates supposedly wanting Sharia are good. Media did not communicate forcefully that they are traitors to take up arms against the State. This should have been brought home with utmost emphasis.

Musa Khan Khel has paid a heavy price and so have other brave journalists. Even now the media is not strongly condemning the terrorists and I did not see guys like Qazi Hussain Ahmed coming forward and condemning the killer in no uncertain terms. This is the saddest possible day for Pakistan in general and Pakistan media in particular. Not a corner must be given to the terrorists whether they be Taliban, AlQaeda, the residents of Lal Masjid or any one toting a gun.

Weapons must be with the State and State alone, only then can we expect rule of law. And if people want to change things they should take the democratic educated route. If it comes to that let's have a referendum and go by public opinion. But for Allah's sake surrender your guns and bombs first.


Iftikar Bhutto said...

Had media not glorified the terrorists things would not have been as bad surely.

Anonymous said...

When the media continuously makes the wrong noises we get confused and think either the government is wrong and all problems are from America. Our young boys are the worst hit and listen to the militants who t

iFaqeer said...

I worked in the media in Zia’s time, when there were no outlets for our people to air anything and the whole society ran on rumours and grapevine. And gun toting came to our society exactly at that time. The freer media did not bring it with them.

I prefer to have a media we can whine about than what we had back then.


Present state of affairs is because of a mix blend of attitude we all showing towards our daily routine life, we all including MEDIA are responsible. prior to its mushroom style flourishing in our country media experienced a vaccume of necessary media legislation and a soft corner from the PEMRA authorities. So our Media started its career as unbridled animal.Besides this governments use its federal authority as politicle lever against media but both are accepting each other with lots of compromises. In this situation we are witnessing the things which can not be seen in even much civilized and media friendly societies.

Still many popular channels are unaware of contents they must include in their current affairs programs. When I daily see around five to six major private channels even those SO CALLED Anchors which are considered much popular I really feel sorrow over their style of anchoring and their knowledge but what can we do except doing nothing.

Belial H said...

ever wondered where the content comes from?

Belial H said...
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Syed said...

Mr. Abbasi is right. We usually do nothing. But we can do something. We must create awareness among the anchors and channel owners that all views must go with moderation. It should not be like you bring three persons and the three start castigating a guy and doing media trial in absentia. An anchor should never take sides. He must put across both or mulitiple points of view with full integrity, let the audience make their own choice. But be honest with the cause of a democratic and a just Pakistan with equal opportunity for all with merit.

FM Shah said...

Big Question from Liberal Fanatics of Pakistan: I always wonder

I always wonder
Why Media is unable to find pornographic CDs selling in Open Air Stall on II Chundrigar (Karachi Financial Hub), Rainbow Center (Karachi Saddar) or Blue/Porn Films shown in Plawasha/Shama Cenima Peshawar (owned by Bashir Bilour ANP Leader) ?
CNBC and Sama TV head offices are situated on II Chundrigar road in Techno city plaza. Just in front of Media News room and head offices, across the road, various open air road stalls sell porno graphic CDs/DVDs are available to all and sundry without any hindrance. Geo TV, Hum TV, Jang Press and Capital Police Chief offices on II Chudrigar road are almost fifteen minutes away from these CD/DVD stalls on walk. An And if you go to Rainbow center in Sadder heart of Karachi, it is the among of one of the biggest place in world for Porngraphic CDs/DVDs. Almost all CD/DVD shops in every corner of Pakistan carry every type of pornographic and blue print CD/DVD. Even minor kids can purchase/rent these porno graphic CDs/DVDs by paying mere Rs 20 to Rs 25. It is absolutely wrong to bomb anyone property, however I wish all those who make fuss over these CD/DVD kiosks blasts, to watch any such CD/DVD with their families. Similarly these so called liberal fanatics will never see or find such CD/DVDs openly sold in Karkhanoo Market in Peshawar. Bilour (so called Pathan leader) various cinema in Peshawar (Palwasha and Shama named after her daughters), are showing porn movies without any hindrance for decades. Above points exactly highlight the deafness and blindness these liberal fanatic and sold out experts who depict Taliban as barbarians. Taliban might be fanatics; they might take us to stone ages but they are at least resisting US/NATO forces in Afghanistan, unlike rest of the prostitute regimes of Muslim countries. Pakistan is hostage for past 50 years by these liberal Fanatics who work on their Western Masters agenda.

I always wonder
Most of the Army/Air Force units which are fighting now in Meran Shah, Wana, Swat and other tribal areas have also fought with same tribes/clans till 1947. PAF elite Sqn No 9 Sqn was raised in Peshawar by British for bombing tribal warriors like Faqir Appi, and Ajab Khan Afridi. Similarly 1st Punjab one of the most elite units of Pak Army was fighting in Meeran Shah till 1947 against Tribals. Another big irony India is fighting in held Kashmir for last 30 years and how many times they have used Jet Fighters for bombing Kashmiris? Azad Kashmir held today by Pakistan was not liberated by Pak Army and Air force rather liberated by same clans/tribes who are sometimes labeled as Taliban, uncivilized, militants. Though we will not find any consensus on the definition/causes of terrorism but there is 101 % agreement from Washington to Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad on ethnic cleansing of all those who in one way or other resisted colonial five/six decades ago or still think of resisting neo-colonialism or their imposed local cartels of business, politics, bureaucracy, and identity.

I always wonder
For past 5000 years Afghanistan has been dependant on Indopak region for food including Wheat and Flour. Why Wheat Flour prices are different in different area of Pakistan? Pakistan Government buys wheat on 600-700 Rs/Mon, and same wheat is bought by masses in Pathan area on more than 1500/Mon. whereas when GOP buys the same from foreign sources at around Rs 2000/Mon. Just compare Floor/Wheat with Suzuki car? Will State of Pakistan impose movement on Suzuki Car? Why there is huge price difference of same Suzuki car when produced in India? Who are those people (including ANP members/ministers) who are making millions/billions by manipulating wheat and flour supplies? Is wheat shortage has some link with US/NATO forces, who want to control Taliban resistance by using wheat and flour as weapon against Afghanistan masses?

I always wonder
Why East India Company colonial started first Urdu News Paper and Urdu Fort William College. Why all great poets of the Urdu were on pay roll/pension of the East India Company. Were any Sindhi, Pashtoo, Baluchi, Kasmiri, Saraiki Poets on British pay roll. Were any colleges opened for local language by British? Pathan were ruling elite of the region for almost 800 years just like British remained for 200 years. Why modern educated Pathans are unable to read/write their mother language Pashto? How many bill boards in Pathan towns and cities are written in Pashtoo? How many Pathan can read by themselves poetry of Rahman Baba and Khusal Khan Khatak?

I always wonder
Why Lollywood always produced Pashtoo and Punjabi film through which Pathan and Punjabi cultures are presented and promoted as inferior to Urdu. Why always Pujabi and Pathan are depicted as laughing stock in dramas and films. Why Anwar Maqsood, Moin Akhtar and Bushra Ansari comedy is always based around Naswar eating Pathans or simple Punjabis or Baluch or Sindhi? Why every comedy is done in Punjabi and any one speaking Punjabi is considered to be comedy character. Why no films have been produced in Baluchi and Sindhi?

I always wonder
Why our so called enlighten and Free Media create justification and support for ethnic cleansing of Pathans under the label of WOT and name of Taliabn/Alqaeda. Every bomb blasts is accepted by some mysterious Mullah/Talib sitting in cave in Tribal Area (Swat, North/South Waziristan). Leaving aside US Drone attacks, all killed by Jet PAF Jets Bombers and Army Heavy Artillery are always terrorist? For last eight years how many such occurrences have been investigated? How many bombs blast have been preemptively avoided/intercepted? How many such foreigners alive/dead bodies have been investigated by Media? Rahman Malik is actively pursuing Bombay, how about more than 5000 people killed in blasts so far in US WAR FOR TERROR, which Rahman Malik has made our war.

I always wonder
Karachi explains exactly why Pakistan is taken over by Autocrats and Establishment. Pathan, Baluch and Sindhi will live with each other in peace in Interior Sindh, whereas in Karachi, there will be always violence and bloodshed of Sindhis and Pathans. The violence and TT culture, we see in Karachi, can’t be seen in other cities like Lahore, Queta, Pindi, and Peshawar. This sort of violence and TT culture can also be observed in Indian Movies and Bombay. Why media is silent about these aspects?

I always wonder
We are told that Indians Mohajirs migrated to Pakistan 50 years back for a cause and crises in their homelands i.e. India. They were made land lords and allotted lands and still they will speaks against feudal. They were given full citizenship and all rights of land. It is told to us that these Indian Mohajirs gave life in freedom fight. But which freedom fights?? Were we fighting for freedom from Sikhs or British? How many British were killed in this freedom fight by Mohajirs? Interestingly NONE. These blood sheds were after 1947 when freedom was granted/authorized by British Parliament. Historically Indians Muslims starting with Sir Syed were baboos/employees of East India Company. They still dominate Bureaucracy, Army, and Business not because that they are more hardworking or talented rather System has been made skewed in their favor. Will millions people migrated from Tribal Area also allotted properties in prime location on all Metropolis and Mall Roads the same way, as was done in 1947. Will people migrating from Swat and Waziristan also dominate similarly as Agha Khanis and all those migrated from Gujrat India.

I always wonder
After Army operation (for just couple of months) against Boriband culture in Karachi Army Chief is poisoned to death, President along with Prime Minister are sent home whereas whole Govt is packed up. Why Army operations (spanning over years) against Bengalis (1970/71), Baluch (1974/75), Sindhis (1980s) and Pathans (WOT) is not followed by same consequences. MQM is given unquestioned and unconditioned control of 1/10th of Pakistan (i.e. Karachi). Zia by design, first of all created chaos in Karachi. This policy was later on followed by establishment in order to justify MQM take over of the Karachi.

I always wonder
Karachi has almost equal composition of all major ethnic group of Pakistan. Urdu, Punjabi, Pathan, Baluch, Sindhi each ethnics group has almost more than 2 million souls. However cultural, political, business and economically dominating class in Karachi are only those who are aliens, settled, migrated from other areas particularly Gujrat/India. Gujrati Aghanis, Mohajirs and Pathan all are aliens in Karachi. But why Pathans are mostly tribal’s are taxi drivers, watch man and waiters whereas most of Clifton, DHA villas, Business Houses and Industrial Units on II Chundrigar Road, Site and Mall Road (Shahrah Faisal) are owned by migrants from Gujrat (Agha Khanis)/India. Why Afghan Mohajirs (80s) were not given full citizen as it was done for Indian Mohajirs (47)? Isreal does not differentiae between Jews immigrant from different parts of the world. Why tribal immigrants are not tolerated in Karachi? Will they be allotted land similar to 1947? Will tribal Pathan be made Governors and Ministers similar to MQM? How many NWFP Governors and political agents were actually inhalants of the tribal areas?

I always wonder
There are minorities, in Pakistan, like Hindus, Christians which are under protected, vulnerable and exploited. At same time there are alien and foreign minorities like Parsis, Qadianis and Agha Khanis which are over protected. These minorities are more powerful than state, army and politicians and have been imposed over majorities for last 300 years since they are collaborating with colonial British, Imperial USA against local Pathans, Sindhis, Bengalis and Baluchs. These 150-160 powerful business tycoons and families mostly from minorities like Parsis, Qadianis and Agha Khanis make the core/ nucleus of the Pakistan establishment. They were/are blue eyed of East India Company, British Empire, West and US. These families at surface appearing extremely harmless, however control our region power, politics, policies and decision making, financial, business and industrial hubs like Bombay, Karachi and ultimately whole India and Pakistan. In Pakistan Agha Khan fore father and he himself is one of most beneficiary of East India Company, British Empire, West and US. Agha Khan is the only so called Muslim member of Paris Club. Since 1840s, when his grand father ran away from Iranian regime and started providing mercenaries to British troops during Afghan Wars and Tribal Area Wars, he is the king and core/nucleus of the establishment. Why media is unable to reveal, discuss and report the link between MQM and Agha Khan and Dawn Group? How MQM is serving Agha Khanis agenda when they speak against Sharia, Islam and Democrasy? Why Dawn Group is always spreading hatred against Baluch, Pathans, Sindhis, Shia and Islam in name of terrorism, national interest and Talibanization?.

I always wonder
Why Media is unable to reveal, discuss, and report about over protected minorities since colonial days like Agha Khanis, Qadianis and Parsis whose fore fathers acted as spy agents against local Pathans, Punjabis, Sindhi and Baluch and guarded colonial interest in their conquest of Sindh, Punjab and Afghans War. These minorities have utter abhorrence for any Sharia, Democracy and Islam. They are the core/nucleus of the establishment. Politicians, Feudal, Generals, Bureaucracy, Intellectuals, Academics, Media and Institutions are visible components of the Establishment and revolving around the core/nucleus of Establishment in various orbits according their relative importance for the establishment according to various times.

I always wonder
Over protected minorities like Agha Khanis, Qadianis and Parsis have benefited most from dictators like Auyb, Zia and Musharaf are Agha Khanis, Qadianis and Parsis. Why media is unable to reveal, highlight and discuss financial terrorism during Musharaf regime like take over of HBL by Agha Khan or Cawos jee property acquisition in Gawder. Zia-ul-Haq is generally considered to be Islamist; however he only made Islamic laws, Sharia Movement and Jihad controversial in order to avoid its implementation for protection of the vest interest like Agha Khanis, Qadianis, and Parsis. Media will always make hue cry over Madrash but Media will never be able to reveal the actual facts and motives for establishment of Agha Khan Hospital and LUMS (Haswani) during Zia era. How come Zia gave free piece of land (81 Arce) worth Billions in heart of Karachi to Agha Khan? Why Agha Khan Hospital is free from all taxes in spite of heavy charges from patient. Where the funds are coming and going from Agha Khan Hospital? Why Zakat money and donations collected from all Muslims is not spent on Shia and Sunni Patient? Is such preferential treatment and protective cover also given to Imran Khan’s Shoukat Khan Hospital?

I always wonder
Why there are always Bombs Blasts in Shias Imam Bargah, Sunnis Mosque, Christians Churches and Hindu Temples in Pakistan and their religious/prayer leaders are always killed. However so far no Bomb blast in Agha Khanis Jamaat Khana or killings of their Mukhis (Religious Leader) has been ever reported. Why it is always Shia/Sunni Majority or minorities like Hindu/Christian who suffers all sort of regious violence? Why Agha Khani, Qadianis or Parsis have mysteriously been saved? Off course there are outside dimension of religious intolerance in Pakistan but there are also internal vested interests.

“We cannot understand the role of the people in history unless we also understand the historical illusions which misrepresent history in order to serve the interests of privileged classes. Thus culture must be studied as a weapon in the struggle of classes.”
- John Howard Lawson, The Hidden Heritage, 1950

People with courage and character always seem sinister to the rest.
- Hermann Hesse

Soomroo said...

Keep wondering and keep asking questions. You will never have answers a la Jamaath e Islami guys. Rise above petty things Mr.F.M. Shah. Think big. Think for Muslims as Muslims and good human beings. It was so difficult to read your disjointed ideas all loose and incoherent. I hope you are not creating more like yourself as you are teacher. Do not teach them bias. Teach them fairplay and do not teach them lawlessness and corruption please.

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