Wednesday, February 4, 2009

You cannot negotiate with terrorists Sir, they must be stopped,

Who will you negotiate with Mr. Geelani?
I was amazed listening to The Prime Minister that he wants to have a dialogue with the destructive terrorists in Swat.

Mr. Prime Minister who are you going to negotiate with? Sir according to any law in the world including Sharia "any body, absolutely any body, other than the State, totting a gun or any weapon is a terrorist".

Are you going to negotiate with people who have taken up arms against the State and are fighting State forces. For the world they are not only terrorists but traitors. They are defying the State, the Law, the Constitution and every thing while making the life miserable for residents of the country.

Who finances them who supports them? Surely some body. Find out. Expose them. Let the world know who is behind them? If you do not do this then you are just falling a prey to the nefarious designs of the enemies.

They are destroying every thing, schools, colleges, hospitals, roads, bridges, buildings, you name it. Every thing is destroyed. What Sharaia are they talking about? They have destroyed the very fabric of society. Is this Islam? Is this Sharia? No. Never. This is personal gratification by force.

I appeal to the Prime Minister of Pakistan to act decisively and forcefully. You cannot talk to them until they lay down their arms. Inflow of weapons must be tightly plugged. They should be bombed into submission. No liniency should be shown to them at all. None. The law should take its course and the perpetrators brought to justice.

You negotiate with an elected body or some authority, not with a shadow. Who are these people to tell the State to do this and that. Who is not following Sharia? We are, according to our interpretation. Who are they to force us? There is no compulsion in religion. First let us do justice and hang the killers that they are.

How do they get arms and how do they get explosives? Is the police ineffective? Is the army ineffective? Are the borders porous? If so that is an utter shame. If you cannot stop them you have lost the right to govern the country. Don't even mention you want to talk to them. You must fight them tooth and nail and defeat them.
Don't talk just defeat them.


Anonymous said...

Thinker has put it quite aptly. I want to add that media shows these people that say "introduce sharia and every thing will be hunkydorie. Rubbish. Media must behave responsibly and not project them in any positive light which they unfortunately are allowed to do. Even people in some religious parties seem to support them which is very dangerous. All of them must be tried for high treason and hanged at the nearest lamp post for figting the state. Period.

Anonymous said...

Looks like the thinker belongs to a tiny minority of sane minded individuals.

We should understand no Politician of Pakistan will dare to challenge these mullahs, after witnessing the fate of Parvez Musharraf.

The Gallant president dared to fight them at Lal Masjid, at a time when a vast majority of pakistanis saw in the media, the highhandedness of the mullahs and the mullanis and they demanded action.

But when Musharraf took a very limited action, he was booted of of power.

There is not a single leader in Pakistan who is not Tainted. They will do anything to remain in power.