Thursday, February 12, 2009

Pakistan succumbs to US threats of aid withdrawal...

Pakistan missed an opportunity to highlight Kashmir issue and simply played into Indian hands!
India makes mistakes and yet remains stubborn for 6 decades. Pakistan despite having a UN resolution in its favour cannot bring relief to the divided people due to the incompetence of the Heads of States, Diplomats and Media. Now from the blue this Bombay incident takes place and what we do: succumb. We could not make a lemonade out of lemon. There was no need for Pakistan to succumb to Indian demands as they have done today.

Here some people died. It was sad and condemned in no uncertain terms. Some non-State persons may have done it. It is quite possible given the injustice meted out to millions of people by India and governance against the wishes of the people. While every effort may be made to bring the terrorists to justice the world community must be made to look seriously into the root causes of the problem and eliminate the cause of the disease.

We did not ask from India the details of other terrorists. We did not even call for the DNA, finger prints etc. of Kasab and others or if we have, India has not so far obliged. The way Pakistan is buckling under the US and Indian pressure is really mind boggling. Why do we not ask of the hundreds of Indian army invasions on its people where thousands have died, just because India does not allow journalists or Human Rights activists to go and report atrocities from Kashmir.

I would call it the failure of Pakistani media first not to highlight the issues. If it did, pressure would build on The Government of Pakistan to do something which otherwise is ever so lethargic. If media does not play a role in shaping the policies of the country who will? Who will reflect the aspirations of the common man? Enmity with India will lead us no where. But when India makes capital out of a tragedy I see no reason why let go India free.

Just a few days back some RAW agents were apprehended but we made no issue out of it. We could have easily made a drama out of it. We did nothing. Our media is so weak that people do remember the name of Kashmir Singh the Indian spy who we released but no one remembers the names of dead bodies of persons who had gone to see a cricket match to India. Give our media to lambaste our own leaders who they do not fear, they make a great case out of it. They even get the guy ousted. Why don't they show the same commitment to our enemies?

Yes bringing the culprit to book and justice is fine but just don't be swayed by India. India has to account for death of hundreds of thousands of people in India. How many Muslims they have killed that has gone un-noticed and un-reported. She has killed people by thousands in Kashmir by The State sponsored Terrorism by a strong army of 700,000. Why isn't this army in UP or Bihar? They have a problem there, hence the forces. We must force a solution otherwise India won't do it.


Ali said...

Wonder when will our leaders learn and we have a thinking media?

Yousuf said...

Rehman Malik goes on show pictures and falling flat in front of India.

Iftikar Bhutto said...

They have gone bonkers. Pakistan had no business to fall flat on the pressure applied by US and India. We are being shaken to bones with insurgency in Swat. Do you want to suggest India is not fomenting trouble and taking advantage of there? Why does not that guy Rehman Malik bare the face of India. Looks like the guys are afraid one way or the other. Shame on them for accepting blame of Bombay. Does India ever accept any thing. Never. Don't know how this fool is going to raise the Pakistani flag high. Sack him Zardari.