Monday, March 30, 2009

At least now will the heads roll?

Marriot, Sri Lanka team attack, Jamrood and now the Police Academy will someone take responsibilty please?
This is getting too much and no body is taking the responsibility. What only after we loose the nukes are we going to wake up? It is high time the authorities concerned must resign and take responsibility if they have the minimum sense of responsibility. Minimum. But it looks like the pachyderm phenomenon is in action.


Magsi said...

Yes this has become a habit now. Seems the government does not want to govern but just tags along. This the height of inefficiency. Where are the systems in place. How can people get in the academy in the first place. Checking mechanism is not in place along with so many other things. Some thing major has to be done to save us from this menace of terrorism. First the responsible ministers must all resign followed by the government officials from to top to bottom and induct new blood.

Syed K said...

Thanks for the links very interesting. Wonder when our govts learn to govern efficiently? They will when they start thinking to govern rather than fill their own coffers.