Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Marriot, Mumbai and now Lahore... when will the heads roll?

An opportunity missed to correct the image of Pakistan...
Such a big event. The second test with tall scores. Lovely. It was an opportunity to prove to the world that we are not we are projected as but a well governed self respecting nation. Successful Test in Karachi almost proved that. Commentators were already talking about how wrong were Australia, India, South Africa, New Zealand, England, West Indies and all in not visiting Pakistan. 

And look how we blew it up? What a big tragedy for Cricket. Just luckily and due to the presence of mind of the driver and policmen who died, the The Sri Lankan Cricket team was saved. The more we thank and salute these martyrs the less it is. The suspects are our enemies that include our neighbouring countries and the professional terrorists who are blowing up schools and every thing.

What is most disturbing is the attitude of the Islamists who sit on TV and speculate or write in Urdu press adnauseum of the possible conspiracy theories quite oblivious of our own short comings and the huge security lapse it has been. Instead of constantly guessing they should pressure the people responsible to resign. Never a head rolls. Marriot - not a head rolled, Bombay - not a head rolled and now this. No head rolled.

Responsible journalism should have pressed for the concerened Ministers and top police officials and even the Prime Minister and the President to resign taking the moral responsibility.  Our media does not do that while our Islmasits seem to have a soft corner for the terrorists. They ask leading questions in some way favouring the terrorists always. They will never give a definitive answer but will keep asking moot questions typical examples being 9/11 and Lal Masjid events and now Lahore.

This is mind boggling. Why do they somehow want to exonerate them? Just because they have beards or what? There should be a strict law against portaraying the gun weilding and the deadly terrorists any thing other than thugs and criminals. My complaint is not with the illiterate on the street who are very good people but the so called educated who are ill informed, biased and full of conspiracy theories.

They never try to find facts but are ever ready to blame some one else. Now also they are talking of some one else doing this to them. It is rubbish. Like this we will never get to the root of the problem. I hope and pray we get to the root of the problem and exterminate the element of terrorism from our society completely. Amen. But that will only happen when the intelligentia will not in any way have a soft corner for them.


I.Bhutto said...

You have again hit the nail. These terrorists must not be given any corner. None. They must be apprehended and hanged on the nearest lampost or a tree. The media must be told to stop somehow showing them in positive light like guys like Paracha and he likes were doing a couple of days back on Channels. The guy was on every channel and talking gibberish. You cannot have a soft corner for these criminals and yet call yourself a Pakistani.

Syed said...

These thoughtless fellows just killed international cricket in Pakistan. Shame on them. Which Sharia tells to treat the guests of a nation like this. If at all they get caught they must be taught such a lesson that others must forget of terrorism. Don't kill them just make them suffer.

Magsi said...

Let the anchors and the guests fall in line with the terrorist and blow them up as thy blow up our schools.

Samiullah said...

They don't care for the image of Pakistan. Surely the perpetrators must not be Pakistanis.

Rana said...

Sack the entire police department. Send them all home. Is there no police academy where they teach how to keep law and order and protect guests. Interior Minister, the Chief of Police all must go resign. What are those shameless doing now.

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Mustafa said...

You said it all. Yes the tolerance to lawlessness is 100%. Wonder when will the authorities take it seriously. I think only when the WAdera, Choudhry and Sardari system goes and people are masters of their own destiny.