Saturday, March 14, 2009

Were Pakistanis sold for $ 5,000? No.

They say that the Government sold Pakistanis for $5,000 and say Musharraf has confessed in his book. Is it true? Examine. 
I find people coming on Channels even MNAs, MP'As saying that The Government of Pakistan has been selling Pakistanis for $5,000=00 each and that Musharraf has said so in his book - In the line of fire.
Most recently, the day before on Rana Mubashir Show the guys were talking without reading the book. They were Nusrath Mirza, Khurram Dastagir, Faisal Raza Abdi. One of them was a Tajziakar (analyst), so called. They simply uttered the oft repeated slogan that Pakistan sold people for $5,000 and that Musharraf had written in his book. 

Where has he written and what has he written? Did they ever read the book? I guess not. Or probably their understanding of English is extremely poor. Or is it their wishful thinking or prejudice? Even if you hate someone you should not tell such lies. Who will trust the media?

I am attaching a picture of the page number 237 from the chapter "Manhunt" in his book. I read the book again after 2006. I did not find a single statement that they were selling Pakistanis. Yes some hard core terrorists mostly AlQaeda foreigners were hunted down and handed over to save Pakistan from utter devastation. 

I wonder what different decisions any other leadership would have made with
NeoCons in that mood soon after 9/11? What had happened in Shareef's time? Were people not handed over when 9/11 had not even happened. I forget names Kansi or somethig who were handed over by Shareef.

I am no admirer of undemocratic forces but my sense of justice and fairplay demands that we call a spade a spade, set the record straight and not make unsubstantiated allegations just for cheap publicity.


Kamran said...

The quality of guests is very low. They stoop low to pander to the gallery.

Bhutto said...

The last controversial act has been undone early morning today by The Prime Minister, Youfuf Raza Gilani. We have had a new government for one year now. They are still blaming the past unable to do anything themselves. Great show by Nawaz Shareef. He brought out a sea of people on the streets. I am amazed at his popularity. The credit goes to him indeed but also to people who responded and to Media for setting up the thing from the day Iftikhar Choudhry was removed. Bravo well done democracy, well done media, well done people.

Magsi said...

Even a baby starts walking in 10 months and these politicians who dare not oppose Zardari have not learnt to walk. Well done Nawaz Sharif