Sunday, March 29, 2009

President Zardari and President Obama

Yesterday Obama had spoken, 
today Zardari... What a contrast?
The difference is obvious. I waited the whole day to listen to Zardari as no time was given when exactly he would speak. When he did the lights went out. So all the waiting was lost. Any ways I listened and discovered later.

When Obama spoke his was a landmark speech. Well thougt out, well planned and offered something substantial to all the parties. He spoke of development both for Pakistan and Afghanistan and talked at length of his plans to counter terrorism that would help not only US but Pakistan and the whole world. Here was a Harvardian speaking. Every word structured articulated, nothing loose.

When Zardari spoke he offered removal of Governors Rule. It was to go any way. That is nothing but a sop. We were hoping he would make some major announcements. We had thought he would remove 58-2B which he calls 52-8B. He can always go back and say he never offered to remove 58-2B. LOL. Well he made a committee for that and to repeal the 17th amendement. When you want to shelve an issue you make a committee and hand over is an old adage in Management.

For $1.5 Billion he says $1.5 Million. Sir it is billion and not million. Listen to it.

I wish Zardari had spoken of making some structural reforms. Instead he spoke for his own survival and some apple polishing of Nawaz Sharif after having discovered his power in Punjab. We need major reforms so that we tide over the problems of energy, industry and employment that would give a fillip to economy and remove poverty in the end. 

We wanted to hear from you that from today you have empowered the people of Pakistan by introducing land ceiling and freeing the rural suppressed people of Pakistan. You did not do that. We thought you would grant free land to major corporations of the world to come and  build factories there by giving jobs to our people and earning foreign exchange for us. We thought you would annonce a clamp down on all terrorist activities and utter lawlessness that prevails in the country. You did nothing President Saheb. Just blaming the past will do you nor us any good.

I wish you made a committee that would give you recommendations on how our people can usher in a new era of peace and prosperity. I will give you some ideas here.


Yousuf said...

The difference is so obvious. One educated the other a ticket seller in Bambino Cinema. They guy proved hopeless. Hopeless.

I.Bhutto said...

Thank you for putting the links. Pak media is distorting too much. Probably they do not understand English. We cannot have a more understanding US President. It is one of the best speeches I have heard. The most important thing is the substance.

Hussain said...

As Mr.Yousuf said; the difference is obvious. There has to be a difference between the two. One is really qualified to be a president and the other is the one who had a poor educational record in Petaro. His father earned all the wealth by showing illegal and obscene movies in his cinema halls. The police raids over his father's cinema halls were very frequent and regular.