Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Ibn ul Waqth - Dr. Shahid Masood

He can best be described as
Ibn Ul Waqth
Dr. Shahid Masood can best be described as Ibn ul Waqth. When it was Pervez Musharraf's time I remember he would sing praises of him. There are so many episodes of him. Now he is instigating people against one person. Pervez Musharraf came to power under unusual circumstances. Pervez Musharraf was neither Mussolini nor a dictator. Dr. Shahid Masood could say what he could thanks to Musharraf who gave freedom of speech to this extent. A dictator does not allow it.

Now also he is pushing for forgetting NRO as the money has gone out. He does not know of principles. He must join a good school of journalism that will teach him how a journalist does not take sides. He is so restrained in criticising the government. He is not pro-poor but pro-rich and the landed class who has exploited the country for over 60 years.

Dr. Shahid Masood is doing nothing for the country. He is doing nothing for the poor peasants to release them from bonds of labour and slavery. He has to push for land ceiling that is at the core of structural reforms he is not doing any thing big like that. He is whipping a dead horse and calling it a revolution. He is not a journalist. He is a rabble rouser only. Period.


Syed Ali said...

So accurately defined. Dr. Shahid Masood is nothing but a tout who wants to ulitimately help the terrorists. He defended the terrorists accused of 9/11 and since he had a powerful media in his hand misinformed people and built a consensus for his conspiracy theories. This guy is dangerous for Pakistan. Now he is creating a hype against Pervez Musharraf who he used to eulogize not too long ago.

Pirzada said...

His stories never seem to be ending. He is just giving a box office formula episodes but when you analyse you will find there is nothing in it. No substance.

Masuri said...

He is a crook. He is not a journalist. He promotes some and demotes some. He was for Musharraf once and is now become his enemy when he found he is not a cash cow. You pay him and Kamran Khan and get whatever you want said. These people are not honest.

A.Baloch said...

He must be immediately arrested for causing disaffection between people. Invoke the disaffection law for this rabble rouser. He is creating a hype against Pervez Musharraf instead of talking on important issues that affect us as a nation. He will do that if he has any knowledge and insight on Pakistan and world affairs. A failed doctor cannot be a good journalist. He is making money it seems and nothing else. He seems to be a paid guy who sings to the tune of the rich and the mighty. That is all. Wonder when will Geo kick him out?