Friday, August 14, 2009

When US cannot solve our problems why should we cooperate?

The Asst. Sec.'s interview was most disappointing!
Give me one good reason why should we assist US at all when US is just not interested in giving us a helping hand with stubborn and aggressive India who only understands the language of power. Read Dawn report

I sometimes wonder if these people know what is India up to. They do not know that India is nothing but a Police State. They believe in aggression and use of force. Our attempt to negotiate must not be viewed as a sign of weakness. India has just been put on the watch list also which it has been escaping for so long despite its terrible record of discrimination and pogroms over its minorities particularly the Muslims. Now that Christians at the receiving end too they have got active. USCIRF Annual Report for 2009: http://www.uscirf. gov/images/ AR2009/final% 20ar2009% 20with%20cover. pdf
Human Rights Watch report:
http://www.hrw. org/en/news/ 2009/08/04/ abusive-and- abused

What this Assistant Secretary does not know that we won't be able to keep on listening to the dictates of US if US is not serious about helping Pakistan with its core issues. The big issue is Kashmir which India is holding against the wishes of its people. They talk of democracy which is the will of the majority. Then why don't they insist for a Democratic Solution? Is democracy is too much to ask for?

The Asst Sec. must know India's record of aggression always on false pretexts. It went and conquered Hyderabad against the wishes of its people just because the legal ruler was a Muslim. But the free will of the people was never ascertained because they knew full well they will vote for the immensely popular Government of Hyderabad. It illegally blockaded a land locked country and sent in army and air force to conquer a totally peaceful state. Similarly it attacked Kashmir on totally contradictory premise. It invaded Junagarh and took over, same with Daman and Deu. It dismembered Pakistan in 1971. So much for its designs on its neighbours. And you have a strategic partnership with an aggressor and flouter of UN Resolutions.

And see how India is consolidating its grip with over 700,000 strong army:

And US wants to say not a word to India leave alone force it. It is high time Pakistan will have to take its own decisions and when we do that it might not be to your liking. As a sole Super Power you must help us with Kashmir issue before it is too late. For God's sake improve your image in this area and this is a good way of doing it. This will also stem any tide of terrorism that is likely to increase with problems simmering and people suffering under Indian occupation for so so long. It is the responsiblity of the Powers that be to solve these problems and not drag and drift endlessly. I hope US is listening.


Syed said...

We do not want any of your aid which any way our officials will be pocketing. We will fight terrorism for our own sake. But please make India see reason and be reasonable. Let Kashmiris have their own say. It will be again be a big problem. The people in the valley are being patient and yearning for a peaceful solution. Do not test their patience endlessly. Yes India has 700,000 forces there they will kill many but yet they can't subdue. The very existence of 700,000 strong Indian Army is testimony to the fact that all is not well in Kashmir.

I Bhutto said...

Manmohan Singh has further said that there is not separatist movement in Kashmir. We are loosing in all fields. We are not able to do anything on Kashmir. Had The Qaed e Azam not got us Pakistan we were not able to do any thing. We have not been able to get an inch extra. As a matter of fact we lost the better half of Pakistan in 1971. And if hate politics of Nawaz Sharif continues all will soon be lost. He forgets the nation only remembers Pervaiz Musharraf and he also forgets his own terrible mistakes.

Yousaf Baloch said...

The guy is hopeless. He wants every thing from us. While grants all favors to India.Who the hell he thinks he is. Granted we have nincompoops running the show but soon God willing we will have a different scenario. But nothing should stop US from being fair. If US as the sole Super Power cannot solve problems who will? For how long will people keep dying at the hands of Indian Army?