Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Jaswanth Singh... vindicates our long held position...

A hero is a hero in India too...
He is saying what we had been saying for so long. Ever since I read three books:
  1. Jinnah of Pakistan by Stanley Wolpert, Pub: Stacey,
  2. India wins freedom by Abul Kalam Azad, US edition,
  3. Legend or Reality by Seervai Published by Army Press Rawalpindi.

    I have been telling my Hindu friends who accuse Muslims of dividing the country that if it is not for the arrogance of Nehru and connivance of Gandhi the country would not have been divided. I told them Jinnah was not a selfish leader nor would he ever betray Muslims of the Sub-Continent. The trio of Gandhi, Nehru and Patel made it so difficult that there was no option but to go for a separate state for Muslims of the Sub-Continent.
Mr. Abul Kalam writes in India Wins Freedom that Jinnah had obtained the best possible terms for Muslims in The Cabinet Mission Plan. Nehru agreed the night before but went back the next morning. Even Stanley Wolpert testifies to this. So does Mr. Seervai who has written the book Legend or Reality Jinnah, based on 30 years declassified documents by The British Government.
The book has been re-published by Oxford I picked up a new print in Islamabad last August.

Now Jaswant Singh has re-iterated the same, he has just been honest with history. What is surprising is that the Hindu Mahasabha and The Congress which always used Partition to blame the Muslims and take away all citizens' rights from Muslims now acknowledges it. That is the best part.

He has been kicked out from the party who helped form and served for so long very diligently. News are that he is coming to Pakistan to launch the book. Let's give him a rousing reception and let the world know that we were never on the wrong. We had our legitimate rights and one great man had stood up for it - Qaed e Azam Mohammed Ali Jinnah. In the meanwhile hats off to Jaswanth Singh. Congrats.


Ali Khan said...

Wow! What a piece of brief writing. Mr. Thinker has put it all there. Well done.

Khusro said...

Better late than never. It has taken them 60 years to accept the truth. Good job Jaswanth. The guy always seemed so suave and articulate and even his accent was so educated. I had somehow liked the man and look there was some bond with truthfulness.

Rana Mubashir said...

We must also speak the truth always. We have also tried to make it look like as if Pakistan was made for the sons of the soil. It was not. It was as per history and facts made for Muslims in the sub-continent. Who is any body to stop from Muslims coming to Pakistan which is the case. There are no laws made on the 2 nation theory which is the basis for the creation of Pakistan.When HIndus can speak the truth why cant we?

Syed said...

Surprising coming from a hard core BJPite. It conforms the theory some propound that The Problems in the Sub-Continent have been the creation of Congress Party to which belonged the Nehru family - The Kashmiri Pandiths.

They not only divided the country but ensured a permanent divide between Muslims and Hindus by creating a new problem, post partition by going and capturing Kashmir and ruling over it against the wishes of its people.

In sharp contrast BJP has not been a party to partition nor the Kashmir problem nor the driving of Muslims out of the mainstream in India. It also has never been instrumental in enmity with Pakistan.

No wonder Jaswanth Singh is living up to his parties stand. But unfortunately he has been sacked by the same party dancing to the gallery.