Saturday, August 22, 2009

Land Ceiling... ours has not yet begun!

India is eyeing at the second dose of land ceiling at 18 acres per head.
Having reaped a rich harvest of the first land ceiling immediately after independence India thinks it is time to go for a second ceiling that will furthere release land from the hands of the land owners who may or may not be tilling it. Read Dawn:
"Steps to grow more food are linked with the land. Farmers have to be motivated to put in their best. India introduced some land reforms nearly five decades ago. It needs another dose to reduce the highest holding of 18 acres per individual so that land is available to the landless.

Pakistan continues to be a feudal society where both President Asif Zardari and Prime Minister Yousuf Gilani possess hundreds of acres of land. Once I asked a leading landlord in Sindh if he knew how much land he owned. He was frank enough to admit that he had no idea but took pride that two railway stations were located on it.

Bangladesh may not have big zamindars. Still the inequality in holdings is too glaring to be ignored."

To be continued.


Chandeo said...

You have hit the nail Sir. We are fed up with these land lords lording over us. They don't work because they have lands and we and our children must slog it out in the sun so that they enjoy. They also force us to vote for them. This is a good idea. If the government takes land away from them they will be without power. We will be free. Wish some body does that.

Anonymous said...

What we should have done in 1947/48 India did it in 1950/51. We had a worse problem than India. Yet India managed it. See now where it stands. More education more schools, more colleges, more universities, more PhDs, and over a trillion dollars in reserves. And here we are at the mercy of IMF. Our assemblies are filled with these land lords that make laws only good for themselves not for Pakistan and the people of Pakistan. Wonder why we did not do it in time. These land lords won't do it. Some political party has to make it plank to work from. If they win and surely they will if they offer land to the people the land ceiling will come about. The media has to take it up in right earnest.

Hussain Farooqui said...

The jagirdari system of Pakistan has left it extremely backward as compared to its arch rival India. As long as this jargirdari system is existent, there can be no democracy. Elections can merely bring elected dictatorship to the helm of affairs. Votes are gained in 70% Pakistan through oppressive forces. The feudal system of Punjab has become comparatively weaker, so Punjab is better than Sindh in terms of literacy and development. The jargardari and sardari systems are too strong in Sindh and Baluchistan

Zulfikar said...

Immediately abolish the feudal system. Yes there is no better way than this to finish off these blood suckers.

Masood Dr. said...

These Vaderas and Choudhries and Sardars are the root cause of illiteracy, poverty among people, protection of dakoos and hence no law and order. If there are no land lords there won't be dakoos dacoits. Robbery will finish law and order will come and peace will prevail. People won't hate each other. These landlords must be hanged and hanged immediately and that can happen through land ceiling yes.

Capt. Rafath said...

I want to see the end of feudalism now and yes this will be a very good beginning. The land lords should all be thrown out of the National and Provincial Assemblies. All dynastic seats will also end. Who ever is best will come to the front and get elected. It is high time we solved these problems due to large land holdings.